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With 250,000 digital subscribers and an excellent forwarding rate (2.3 per subscriber), it is simple: AMA’s newsletter is the industry’s leading professional publication. For 12 years, its digital and print editions, available in English and French, have been the must-have of international art professionals.

Our printed issues are distributed on site during major art events, festivals, fairs and conferences dedicated to contemporary art (FIAC, Art Basel, Art Paris, Drawing Now, artmonte-carlo), antiques and fine art (BRAFA, Biennale des antiquaires, Salon du dessin), photography (Rencontres d'Arles, Paris Photo), tribal art (Parcours des mondes), outsider art (Outsider Art Fair), not to mention finance (Art & Finance)… They ensure your visibility in the most prestigious settings.

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You reach a worldwide network of art professionals and collectors

You associate your image with a publication recognised for its quality by all the actors of the sector

You are present at the most important art events


More information on AMA's readership:

— 38% of subscribers have an annual income of over €150,000

— 75% of subscribers receive the publication in English

— 60% of subscribers purchase several artworks per year

— each subscriber buys an average of 3 artworks per year

— 55% of subscribers consider themselves as collectors

— 39% of subscribers lives in North America, 38% in Europe, 13% in Asia or the Pacific and 7% in Latin America

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pagination: 60 to 100 pages in each language

format: A4

languages: English and/or French

digital distribution: 250,000 subscribers

transfer rate: 2.3 transfers per subscriber

printed issues: ~15 per year

copies: from 1,500 to 30,000 depending on editions

About us

Founded by Pierre Naquin in 2009, AMA (Art Media Agency) is the first press agency specialised in the art market and the art world. With more than 250,000 subscribers, over 600 digital editions and 50 printed issues, AMA's newsletter is the reference publication of the art world.

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